Your new lover arrives looking as though he stepped out of the seventeenth century. He is dressed in a blue ...
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Poke Her Party

My wife wanted to know why I never let her go to my poker nights and I tried to explain ...
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Marsha Gets Converted

Marsha and I met during our first year of graduate school. We were both going for our Master’s degrees in ...
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She Likes to Dance

It all started because my husband, Carl, likes to show me off to his friends. I have a nice face, ...
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cuckold wife and husband with horn

How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold You? Answers Here!

One of the questions, I get asked a lot is this: How can I get my wife to cuckold me? ...
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Getting Your Wife Ready for Her Date With a Big Cock

Congratulations! Your wife has agreed to cuckold you. And she's already found her first date on the adult contact site ...
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How To Make Your Cum Taste Sweet

As a cuckolding bull you're called on for special duties. You need: A nice, hard cock Some staying power to ...
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wife with strap on

Cuckold’s Guide to Strap-on Sex

Want to add a new dimension to your cuckold life style? Try strap-on sex - she fucks you for a ...
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