My boyfriend had beeen trying to get me to fuck other men for about 6 months and I have to admit, when we talked about it on the phone or during sex it was a real cuckold. He seemed to realy like the idea of my getting fucked by cocks that were bigger than his (he is about 7 inches) and he liked the idea of eating their cum out of me after I got home. Like I said, as a fantasy it was totally hot but I never really thought I would do it.

I saw that he had been contacting men on a website and sending them our videos and unknown to me, sending these guy to “accidentally” meet me somewhere if I were out and about shopping or whatever. One of these guys let it slip that he was talking to Dennis, my boyfriend, and he wanted to see if I would fuck another man and not tell him. Needless to say, I was FURIOUS! The guy gave me his number and I told him I would call him sometime.

I went home and did not tell him I now knew what he was up to, but reassured him I would never do anything like that. When he left for work I went online and sure enough, there were lots of guys he had contected and talked to about me. I decided then I would make his fantasy about cuckold creampie humiliation for me not for him.

That was about about 2 months ago and I have fucked 12 different men since then. A few more than once. He has noticed my pussy is more stretched open now and I am not at home as much. He started to become more and more jealous and insecure about my going out with “the girls” and started to ask why I seemed to be so wet when I got in.

I decided the time was right. I had three guys come over about an hour before he was due home from work last night. They were my “favorite” fuck buddies with the biggest cocks I could find.

When Dennis got home and came upstairs he found me with my head hanging over the side of the bed with a cock in my mouth and a huge black cock in my pussy. The other man was standing there stroking himself and waiting his turn. That was the real cuckold creampie humiliation!!!

My Boyfriend has a Fantasy